Horus massage

Description of a recreational massage method called „Horus Massage Method”

The treatments are not medical treatments but rather a technique for relaxation where the therapist does not do any directly aimed “curative” activities.

The speciality of the method is that during the deep muscle tissue massage applied on the whole body the therapist looks for strains and localises them in the skeletal muscles to unblock the self-regenerating processes of the body and to unblock the restrictions in the movement space of the joints.

To perform the above there is a special massage method, which does not reach results by improving blood circulation like the well-known Swedish refreshing massage techniques do. Therefore the system of the techniques is different and the direction of the massaging strokes are not same either.

The Horus-method treats the muscles starting from their originating point moving towards their insertion point. The lower part of the palm and the thumb of the masseur are the basic massaging surfaces. The necessary strength to press and reach depth for the treatment comes from the weight of the masseur and the positioning of his/her hands by the changing of the center of gravity. This way we get a deep pressing-massaging technique to press the muscle to the osteal base to make it move on it. Basically we make a stretching movement on the muscle-fibres in the direction of their insertion point alternately with a perpendicular movement.

The posture of the masseur follows the principle of an isosceles triangle in a kneeling-sitting on the heels- position, where the two main supporting points are the knees as the basis of the triangle, and the surface composed of the two hands are the third vertex of the triangle. With the change of position of his/her hands, the masseur can reach different depths and muscles can be moved in various ways to be properly treated.

The order of the treatments is bound and in each case there is a whole body treatment!

Purposes of the treatments:

– A complete check-up and treatment of the static skeletal muscles through the massage pointing out the strained and stressed muscles and the resulting restrictions in movements. – To reach a more relaxed muscle-tone in the whole expansion of the actual muscle necessary for the regeneration.

Since the positive changes in the muscles have a beneficial impact on the movement space of the joints moved by the same muscles, the aim is to end the restrictions in the movement space and to reactivate the permanently passive and statically overloaded muscles.