Ninette Hotel massage Budapest

Ninette Sweedish/Classic – Aromatherapy – 4 handed

  • Aromatherapy expert
  • +36 70 552 6313

Enjoy a wondefully unique, deep and relaxing massage from Ninette, who has over two years experience in spas and mobile massage. A very smooth and graceful style, Ninette’s hands move from one body part to another seamlessly, like waves flowing across and along your whole body. Wherever appropriate, Ninette also applies deeper pressure techniques using her arms to quickly and effectively loosen any tight knots and tension, before once again soothing you with more comforting stokes. Truly wonderful.

„I combine all my styles to create a unique and relaxing massage just for you”

Sweedish/Classic – Aromatherapy – 4 handed

Ninette will come to you. It simply makes life easier.  Relax and enjoy her professional massage in the comfort of your hotel room.